Monla Hospital is a leading healthcare institution, founded in 1957 in Tripoli, North Lebanon. Since its founding, the hospital has grown to become a full-fledged leader in the field of medicine, with an array of medical departments and disciplines.

Established as a family-owned hospital nearly 70 years ago, by the late Dr. Tarek Saadallah Monla, the vision of Monla Hospital was to create an unparalleled healthcare facility, to serve Tripoli and its surrounding areas. Over the past few decades, the founding vision has grown and transformed, and today, Monla Hospital is a reference in medical services, across Lebanon. Leading in the field of medicine, the hospital is powered by its commitment to continuous quality improvement, which is shared by its leadership team, management, medical staff, nurses and support staff.

Today, Monla Hospital is even more committed to provide excellence in the field of healthcare, focusing on safety standards, and providing inclusive medical services. 


A reference in healthcare, a leader in medicine. 


Monla Hospital is committed to provide excellence in the field of healthcare, ensuring that patients in Tripoli and its surrounding communities have access to inclusive, safe and high-quality medical services, that are cost-effective and comprehensive, whilst governing the hospital based on ethical standards and social responsibility programs.


Our values are shared across all levels, from the leadership team, doctors, nurses, support staff and community members. Monla Hospital’s values include:

1. Service Excellence: We are committed to delivering excellence in medical services, and are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of the community we serve, to achieve both patient and employee satisfaction.

2. Quality Healthcare: We continuously strive to provide the highest quality in healthcare and patient safety, for optimized medical experiences. 

3. Safety Standards: We assure the delivery of medical care in a clean, safe and healthy environment, for a healthier ecosystem.

4. People-Centric: We respect patients’ health, privacy and rights, and our Medical Staff and Employees deliver value through their involvement and collaboration.

5. Innovative Practices: We are committed to encourage the sharing of new ideas and creative concepts, to ensure modern clinical practices and technological advancement.


At Monla Hospital, our culture defines what we do, and how we do it. By fostering a spirit of teamwork, the performance and commitment of medical staff and employees, translate into patient care, safety and wellbeing, governed by our continuous improvement module.

Moreover, the Monla Hospital promotes ‘Just Culture’, a philosophy that hones an environment where everyone feels safe, encouraged and enabled to discuss quality and safety issues, and placing timely reporting and continuous learning at the core. The ‘Just Culture’ allows the team to learn from mistakes and encourages them to take prompt corrective action, to ensure optimized healthcare experiences.


As part of its commitment to continuous improvement and adhering to international best practices, Monla Hospital has received numerous certifications.  

-  2019: ISO 10002:2018 (valid for 3 years)

-  2018: Accreditation Canada – Diamond Level (valid for 3 years)

-  2018: ISO 9001:2015 (valid for 2 years)

-  2016: ISO 10002 :2014 (valid for 3 years)

-  2015: ISO 9001:2008 (valid for 3 years)

-  2011: Lebanese Accreditation - T1 Level


Monla Hospital was founded in 1957, in the city of Tripoli, North Lebanon. Established by Dr. Tarek S. Monla, the hospital has pledged to provide comprehensive healthcare across various specialties and disciplines by qualified doctors and staff, using state-of-the-art technologies for nearly 70 years.

As Lebanon’s landscape has shifted and transformed, Monla Hospital has adapted and grown. After enduring the horrific repercussions of the Lebanese Civil War, the hospital’s management was even more committed to retain its leadership role in medical care. Over the years, the hospital has undergone tremendous improvements in infrastructure and has significantly expanded the number of beds and services provided.

Today, the hospital is being run by the President of Board and Managing Director, Mr. Tarek T. Monla.


Since 1957, Monla Hospital has been part of the community and has grown its operations in Tripoli, to enhance healthcare practices in the region.

Our commitment to social responsibility entails a positive contribution to all of our stakeholders, from hospital staff, to patients and their families, eco-friendly practices to protect the environment and the community in which we are based.


Accredited medical care

Monla Hospital is an internationally accredited healthcare institution, governed by global standards of excellence and committed to continuous quality improvement. The awarded accreditations are part of the hospital’s pledge to deliver exceptional medical services, across different disciplines.

Our community is our responsibility

Since its founding in 1957, Monla Hospital has transformed the world of healthcare in the North of Lebanon, by delivering exceptional medical services and patient care, social responsibility initiatives and community engagement, as well as stakeholder improvement programs.

Patients care at the heart of what we do

Patients and their families are at the heart of what we do at Monla Hospital. To this end, ensuring all patients receive equal access to quality healthcare services and their cases treated with dignity and respect, has been our commitment for over 60 years.